LLOYD’S has established a new insurance company based in Brussels as a result of Brexit

Since the outcome of the UK BREXIT referendum, LLOYD’S has been working to ensure that whatever the outcome of the BREXIT negotiations, the LLOYD’S market will be ready to continue doing business with its partners in the EEA. 

LLOYD’S has established a new insurance company, Lloyd’s Insurance Company, S.A., based in Brussels to ensure that when you choose to place a risk with LLOYD’S the possibilities of doing so remain exactly the same.

Authorised and regulated by the National Bank of Belgium, and fully Solvency II compliant, Lloyd’s Insurance Company, S.A. start writing business from 1st January 2019. Through this new company, you will still be able to benefit from LLOYD’S specialist underwriting, the security provided by their Central Fund, their strong financial ratings and the expertise in their claim service.

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