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A few years ago, newspapers’ headlines were full of reports of a new malware affecting corporations around the world. The attacks were carried out through the Server Message Block (SMBv1) system, a network protocol that allows the sharing of files, printers, etc., between nodes in networks of computers that use the Microsoft Windows operating system. WannaCry, a notorious malicious software (malware) named after a video game, was wreaking havoc on the computer systems of major companies such as Telefónica, Sony, FedEx and Renault, and public organisations such as the National Health Service in the United Kingdom.

Ransomware attacks have been recorded since the 1990s and are multiplying rapidly today. The best-known are CryptoLocker (which infected more than 500,000 devices), TeslaCrypt, SimpleLocker(the first to attack mobile phones), WannaCry and NotPetya.

Nowadays it is common to have home, health or car insurance, as we all want peace of mind in case the unexpected happens. We always try to eliminate uncertainty, as we cannot control what risks may occur in the future. This applies to all kinds of activities and situations. That is why there are many different policies on the insurance market – more than we can imagine – that serve to insure everything we care about and want to protect.

An underwriting agency is an institution that acts on behalf of one or more insurance companies from another European Union country that want to sell insurance policies in the Spanish market without the need to establish a subsidiary in Spain.

Policyholders can be completely confident that Lloyd’s is in a position to pay all valid claims thanks to its Chain of Security. This provides excellent financial security for policyholders and efficient capital management for market members, i.e. those who bring capital into the Lloyd’s market and back the underwriting of syndicates.

The  Lloyd’s market is a unique insurance and coverage marketplace comprising more than 50 leading insurance companies, over 200 registered Lloyd’s brokers and a global network of over 4,000 local coverholders. Because it is such a specialised market, it leads the worldwide insurance market. At Lloyd’s, synergies are created between experienced underwriters, who come together to insure and reinsure risks, and policyholders, via brokers who facilitate the risk transfer process.

Managers and directors increasingly find themselves in court in civil liability cases, holding them accountable for errors arising from their business activity. It is not only large corporations that are affected. More and more SMEs are facing this type of lawsuit, which can endanger not only a company’s assets, but also its employees.

After the Christmas shopping binge, we have the January sales, and consumption rates shoot up. We make our purchases in shopping centres, local shops and, increasingly, through the giants of on-line retail.

No es ninguna novedad que la protección de datos y el ciberriesgo es un gran desafío global, clave para mantener la lealtad y confianza de los clientes.

España es el tercer país con más ciberataques del mundo (con una media de 4.000 ataques al día), tras Estados Unidos y Reino Unido.  En todos los países, tanto empresas como particulares suben información confidencial en plataformas digitales relacionada con la facturación, datos bancarios, patentes, proyectos, direcciones y otros datos personales. Cuanto más intenso es el tráfico de datos personales en una empresa, mayor es el riesgo de que esos datos sean susceptibles a su robo o pérdida.

La Semana Mundial del Agente y el Corredor de Segurosreferente y punto de encuentro anual del sector del seguro, se celebrará el próximo 18 de octubre en el Poble Espanyol.

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